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What You Will Learn

Get ready for an unforgettable 12-week educational adventure.

Coder Vox

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages today and is used by companies like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

Coder Vox

Learn how to make responsive and visually pleasing websites. Have your web app working on all devices right out of the box.

Coder Vox
Agile Development

Iterate fast. Learn how to quickly make MVP's, and create the features that your users actually want.

Coder Vox

When scaling efficiency is one of the most important and hardest subjects to tackle.

Coder Vox
Javascript / JQuery

Make your web app come to life with animations, pop ups, sliders, and modals.

Coder Vox
Git / Source Control

Learn how to work as a team on a single code base.

The demand for software developers has never been greater

Now is your opportunity to become one. It's all about having a voice in the digital age.

Change your career. Become a Programmer.

But don't expect this to be your typical college style classroom - that would be uninteresting and unproductive. You can expect lectures, challenges, projects, collaboration with other students and instructors, guest speakers, and a whole lot more. It's the way learning should be - interactive and interesting.

Build creative and interesting things that people can use.

Why just consume technology when you can create it? We will show you how to harness the power of code to build products that were once only ideas.

Learning programming does not need to be scary.

Learning from reading books and watching videos is great, but wouldn't it be nice to have a mentor who could answer your difficult questions? We want to empower our students and give them the skills that employers are looking for the most.

Coder Vox

Coder Vox

Coder Vox


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received.

  • What is Coder Vox?

    Coder Vox is a 12 week immersive programming bootcamp located in Austin, TX. The course teaches PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, and other tools used by professional web developers.

  • Who should apply to Coder Vox?

    Coder Vox was created with two groups of people in mind. The first group consists of people who want to become employed as software developers, but may not necessarily have the technical knowledge to do so. The second group consists of people who want to become tech entrepreneurs, and want to be able to build prototypes of their ideas. In both cases, Coder Vox empowers their students by teaching them programming fundamentals that are essential in becoming a proficient developer.

    You should also be someone that is hard working, enjoys problem solving, and likes to build things. You don't have to be a genius, but you should be the type of person who doesn't gives up easily when you become frustrated. We're here to help you learn, but we also want you to be motivated and passionate as well.

  • What is the cost of the program? What kind of financial assistance do you provide?

    The tuition cost of the 12 week full time bootcamp is $9,980.

    Coder Vox is partnered with Earnest to help students who need help paying for their tuition.

    To learn more about this service, please go to their website here.

  • I don't have much experience with programming. Should I apply?

    Absolutely! If you are someone who is committed and has dabbled enough to know that you really enjoy programming, you'll do fine. We're here to help you.

    If you are new to web development, check out this presentation we gave at a recent meet up, which is titled "How Web Apps Work." It will give you an overview on how websites and web applications are created:

  • What is PHP?

    PHP is a programming language used for web development. It's also the language that you will be spending roughly 75% of your time learning when you join Coder Vox. Fun fact: in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg used PHP to create Facebook when he was in his dorm room. Applying for a software engineering position at Facebook requires knowledge of PHP.

  • There are tons of books, videos, and tutorials that teach programming. What makes Coder Vox different?

    There is plenty of material that teaches the mechanics on how to write code. However, there is a difference between writing good code and bad code, and being a self-taught programmer means you won't receive feedback on what you're doing. It's also easy to get frustrated when you are stuck on a problem, and become distracted and give up.

    At Coder Vox, you'll be able to raise your hand and have your questions answered by an experienced software developer. You will also be surrounding yourself with other smart and ambitious classmates who will work with you and help keep you accountable.

    Also, we recommend you check out our main instructors Quora post: What are the best ways for a complete beginner to learn programming?

  • Where is Coder Vox located?

    The Coder Vox office is located at 8500 Shoal Creek Blvd #201b Austin, TX 78757.

    We are minutes away from the Domain and the Arboretum in an office park with plenty of free parking. There are also lots of amazing restaurants and coffee shops nearby, such as Hopdoddy, Korea House Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Epoch Coffee, and Madam Mam’s. You won't have any trouble finding a good place to grab lunch on your break.

  • What does the Coder Vox office look like?

    Check out these photos. We did our best to create a fun, relaxed environment that is conducive to learning. We also provide a fully stocked fridge for our students!

  • What will I learn at Coder Vox?

    You will learn the programming languages, tools and technologies that are frequently used in modern web applications. We want you to be able to build products that are meaningful and creative.

    In addition to raw technical skills, we will also teach you how to learn and think like a programmer.

  • After I apply, what are the next steps?

    We will email you and set up a time to speak with you (either in person or on the phone) regarding your goals, expectations, and level of experience. We'll also answer any questions you have regarding the program. We want you to get to know us as much as we want to know you.

  • Is it really possible to become a programmer in 3 months?

    Remember, you're going to be putting in a lot of hours into learning during those 3 months. Will you become good enough to get a job? Certainly, that's our goal. Will you be an expert? No. Becoming a skilled software developer takes years of experience, much in the same way it takes years of practice to become skilled in playing the piano or basketball. However, with three months of hard work, you'll be ready to take on a junior level developer position.

    For more insight, check out this interview with Roger, our lead instructor.

  • Am I guaranteed to get a job after the program?

    No, but we'll do everything in our power to help you get one. This includes assisting you in building your resume, going through mock technical interviews, and getting you connected with local tech companies. There is a very real shortage of tech workers in Austin, so there will be many companies that will be happy to talk to you.

  • Why are you focusing on PHP? Why not Ruby?

    Ruby is a great language, and Ruby on Rails is an amazing framework for building web applications. With that said, there are a few reasons why we are focusing our curriculum on PHP.

    The market for PHP programmers is large, and many different companies work with PHP. It's a well established and mature language with a large number of community supporters, and is flexible enough to build all varieties of applications. Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and many other companies use PHP.

    In fact, PHP is the most popular server-side programming language for websites, and has increased in usage in recent years. More importantly, this means there are more jobs available for PHP developers than Ruby developers. If you search for programmer positions on Indeed, you will see that companies hiring PHP developers generally outnumber companies looking looking for Ruby developers.

  • What companies are using Coder Vox as a talent pipeline?

    Coder Vox is partnered with a number of companies that are looking to hire talented people to fill their software developer roles, including Poetic, Astonish Design, NeedTo, CoachTube, StockMark.It, and Handpicked.

  • I'm coming from outside of Austin. Do you offer assistance in relocation?

    If you need a place to stay for the duration of the course, get in contact with us and we will do our best to accommodate.

    1 million unfilled programming jobs by 2020 in the U.S.

    Sources: BLS, NSF, Bay Area Council Economic Institute, Code.org

1 million unfilled programming jobs by 2020 in the U.S.

Sources: BLS, NSF, Bay Area Council Economic Institute, Code.org


Meet The Team

We are a group of hard working, talented individuals who have come together to provide the best experience we can for our students. We are passionate about education, and we believe that programming is an essential life skill.

  • Daniel Ko
    Chief Executive Officer

    Daniel is the CEO of Coder Vox and manages our business strategy and operations. He attended Penn State University and has extensive experience in Human Resources and Recruitment. He also served in the Army National Guard as a Electronic Signal Systems and HR Specialist. During his free time, he enjoys working out and is an avid fan of the New York Jets.

  • Jonathan Lue
    CIO & Founder

    Jonathan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelors in Kinesiology, and has held positions at Dell, Yodle, and Bigcommerce. He also attended Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco, and formerly worked as a software engineer at CabForward. In his free time, he enjoys surfing the web, cooking, and reading on his iPad.

  • Roger Le
    CTO & Lead Programming Instructor

    Roger is our lead instructor and a web developer by day and tinkerer by night. He has 6 years of experience as a professional software developer, and has worked for UT Austin, JWT and CSID. He was on the winning team of 2013 Startup Weekend in Denton, TX.

  • Landon Gaus
    Front-End Web Developer & Assistant Instructor

    Landon is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. He has enjoyed working in the film and broadcast media industries specifically with hardware and software design/integration. He has experience in writing .NET windows applications, coding Windows services, enterprise networking, virtualization, and server management.

  • Brian Li
    Software Engineering Mentor & Curriculum Specialist

    Brian is currently working as a software engineer after graduating from University of Texas at Austin. He has a background in Java enterprise software and has some experience in front end mobile development as well. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games, going running, and taking long walks on the beach.

  • Kelly Muse
    Business Advisor

    Kelly Muse is our business advisor. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with an MBA. She has a passion for tutoring students of all grade levels in Mathematics, Language Arts and Reading. In her spare time, she enjoys kickboxing, reading and playing with her dogs.


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